Welcome to Midway Plants

Situated just 10 miles from the border between England and Wales, directly on the A44 near the village of Penybont. We offer a selection of home grown plants and plenty of pots and compost, to start your growing season!

Please note our opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

We are closed for the whole of January every year.

Midway Plants in Penybont,  situated in mid Wales, is a traditional plant nursery with a big variety of plants!DSC02989

We are able to supply most things you need to start off the growing season, from seeds to soil, pots to plants. If you are new to gardening we can offer help and advice when required. 

The plants we grow are all hardened off to cope with the local weather conditions, and many have been propagated on the premises by seed, cutting or small plug plants. For this reason the plants are ready to grow when planted out in your garden, and with the tender loving care we know you will give them, we hope they will thrive!

The plant display stands are filled up in Springtime, and we have a large variety of seasonal stock between March and October. Many of our most colourful plants are the summer bedding – geraniums, fuchsia, begonias, lobelia, cosmos, etc. These are great to add a colour boost in any flower bed.

We also sell planted containers, full of seasonal bedding appropriate to the seasons, which look fabulous on a patio or by the front door. Instant appeal!

Shrubs and perennials are easy to look after and create a natural landscape in your garden. We try to offer a wide selection of small plants which are suitable for the area, and will enhance the borders. Larger shrubs are also plentiful, as well as gorgeous alpines in Spring time, particularly suitable for rockeries.

We sell potted fruit trees and a small selection of ornamental trees throughout the year, with tree stakes and tree ties available in the shop.

For the vegetable grower we take the strain out of propagation for you and sell trays of 12 vegetable plants, ready to pop in the veg bed straight away.  Likewise tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers etc are all available to get going as soon as possible.

In the Garden Shop we stock many useful and varied things for the gardener, such as plant feeds, sprays, pots, watering cans – an endless catalogue of extras. Whether you need seeds or to kill weeds, we try to keep a good supply of all essentials.
At the start of December we sell Christmas trees, our renowned variety of hand-made holly wreaths, Christmas cards and gardening gifts as Christmas presents, as well as decorations for making your own wreaths.

Whatever the time of year, wo look forward to your visit

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