Thank you for your enquiry. Due to lockdown regulations from the Welsh Government, we will be closed from October 26th until 9th November 2020.

We are open from 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, but must stress social distancing must still be practised within the garden centre.

Please note the following guidelines for safety around the nursery and shop.

for our safety and yours, the following will apply:

Face coverings which meet Welsh Government guidelines must be worn at all times inside the shop.

Within the Nursery there will not be a one way system, but we ask our customers to keep to the 2 metre distancing rule and, in particular, in any narrow places, to wait for other people before passing by.

Please remember that any journeys must be for shopping and not considered a social gathering, and therefore wherever possible only one person per household should visit.

Don’t forget – stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you back!

Midway Plants in Penybont,  situated in mid Wales, is a traditional plant nursery with a big variety of plants!DSC02989
We produce our own bedding plants, and many of the perennials, shrubs, herbs and vegetables on sale – this not only ensures a quality product, but also hardiness and strength. Dave is an experienced nurseryman and with a combination of 25 years of learning and practical knowledge, we hope to keep producing quality plants for you,┬áthe customer.
Our range of plants is as extensive as we can make it, with everything from Azaleas to Zinnia. We also stock plants such as fruit trees and rhododendrons, heathers and ornamental trees, which are bought in from reliable, quality British sources as young plants, then grown on and hardened off at the nursery. We would like to think that what we sell is always able to cope with the local climate, which can be very challenging.
In the Garden Shop we stock many useful and varied things for the gardener, such as plant feeds, sprays, pots, watering cans – an endless catalogue of extras. Whether you need trellis or tree-pruners, we try to keep a good supply of all essentials.
At the start of December we sell Christmas trees, hand-made holly wreaths, Christmas cards and gardening gifts as Christmas presents, as well as decorations for making your own wreaths.

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