Wild Bird Care


photo [141841]One section of our shop is devoted to wild bird care. Birds visiting the garden can really bring it to life and are a natural form of pest control, eating insects and flies – true gardening friends!

Some bird foods on sale in the Garden Shop at Midway Plants:

NYGER SEED: To attract many varieties of finches, redpolls, siskins. 12.75Kg sacks or smaller 500g bags.
PEANUTS: Try feeding peanuts whole, in a special peanut feeder,in order to attract blue tits, great, coal long-tailed tits, dunnocks, siskins, woodpeckers and the nuthatches. Beware of the squirrel! A squirrel-proof feeder could be the solution as they are also attracted to peanuts. Available in any size up to 12.75Kg sacks.
SEED MIX: loved by robins if it is scattered on the bird table, collared doves, chaffinches, greenfinches and sparrows. We can offer either the 12.75Kg sacks or 1Kg bags.
SUNFLOWER HEARTS: This is one of the most popular feeds for a huge variety of wild birds. Robins, finches, blackbirds, nut hatches, tits as well as as woodpeckers will all help themselves to these in huge amounts, especially in the Winter – not forgetting the odd pheasant stealing the dropped ones! Available in any size up to 12.75Kg sacks.
FAT BALLS: The favourite winter food for many birds  but especially popular with the blue tits and great tits, woodpeckers and  nuthatches. We use no-net fat snax which can be put in flip top feeders. You can hang out fat balls in Autumn for the birds, as they need all the energy they can get, when the temperature is a bit low. Hold back on this feed in summer, when there is a wide variety of other natural foods the birds will prefer such as worms, snails, slugs and flying insects. Remember feed these in a covered feeder or they will go very soggy in the rain.

MEAL WORMS: A real treat for all types of birds, scatter them over the bird table or on ground feeders to attract blackbirds, robins, chaffinches, thrushes, greenfinches, sparrows, nut hatches.

WATER: Always make sure there is a supply of clean water near the bird feeders
A word about SQUIRRELS: Love them or detest them, the squirrel can wreak havoc at the bird table. Try our squirrel – proof feeders, or spray SQUIRREL STOP pepper-sprobin-548142ray to deter them.
Make sure bird feeders are cleaned out regularly, using a bottle brush and light detergent. Rinse all feeders and trays in warm water and leave to dry.
NEST BOXES: Put up bird boxes mainly in early Spring, when many species are looking for a new home and will be inspecting the premises on offer. Make sure the box is sheltered, facing the right direction for the bird you wish to attract (see RSPB guidelines on box siting) and is high enough to be away from natural predators such as the domestic cat. The entry hole should be the correct size for the birds – not too big to let in larger, predator birds, and without a perch where predators can wait for the young to appear. Most tits, sparrows and small birds will be able to get in the nest box with no perch.


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